Being a Doer

Quarantine has kept me thinking on setting new goals, and that has been confusing after my resolution on not setting goals this year. But I guess God has his ways of setting us up on the right track.

I’ve been thinking about how the many areas in my life that were neglected, need me to stablish some goals. For example, on the fitness area, I need to invest more time to work my strength and stamina. I have been working out consistently only for a week this 2020.

In terms of learning, I was completing requirements, but not really learning much. Now I am way more focused on studying. As a teacher, I wanted my kids to do great, but now I have more time to plan and assess the results of my work with them.

But if you know me, or have been reading me for a while, you know I have an entrepreneurial part of my spirit that keeps me up at nights. I’ve faced some failures, and therefore in the last months I’ve tried to play safe and stick to what I have.

Ideas are not a problem. I have plenty of them and the time to make them happen. That is the key: make them happen. In the last year I have thought of ideas, and met other people with great ideas. Yet the exciting events that accompany those great ideas (sales, launches, graduations, impact, and a long etcetera) don’t ever see the day because we don’t make them happen.

Ten years ago, I was resolved to become a sports fashion designer. Then I found another plan. Then another, and another. And the next seemed safer than the last. Here I am, happy with my life but knowing that if I had just kept working on something a little longer, those plans that made my heart race, could still be a part of my life.

Sewing projects

A week ago I started doing ballet as a workout, because I was “too tired to do Pilates”. I did not only discover my naivety in underestimating ballet (which is way harder than hard Pilates), but also learned a valuable lesson. My body hurt for too long in ways it had never done before, and my dad said: “you shouldn’t have quit it”. I quit ballet 23 years ago, and yet, he was right. Quitting things when they don’t bring butterflies to my stomach has always been my shortcoming.

Not because I was meant to be a ballerina, but because I enjoyed dancing. The same way that I enjoyed learning Russian, the same way that I enjoyed designing impossible clothes, the same way that I enjoy blogging now. Those are things that presented me to difficulties and fatigue, but I allowed a couple days off to become a lifetime.

A few post ago I spoke about abandoning myself to God’s will and stop making plans. I think that abandonment entails precisely to stop planning and start acting.

And so one of the hardest lessons I’ve learned this quarantine is that I have to become a doer. I do things, yes, but not the big and scary ones that take me far from my comfort zone. And that is where I have to go now: there is no easy way to make good things happen.

Figure Skating, Jackson skates

14 comentarios en “Being a Doer”

  1. All the best with finding something that you really loving doing and developing. It takes a while but once you have it, you will know it’s right. Ballet is very cool – I can see how it would be a very difficult workout!

    Me gusta

  2. I am not a gifted dancer but it’s nice you used to enjoy it – and that this quarantine is making you reflect on things you can change going forward. It’s a horrible situation to be in, with a scary virus and so many deaths, but it’s good to try see the positives in the bad moments.

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend 🙂

    Me gusta

  3. It’s a great thing that you picked up ballet again. I feel you when you said quitting things just because you don’t feel excitement over it is a weakness. There is no other way to be good at something except to keep at it and do. Thanks for this post!

    Me gusta

  4. Stepping out of the comfort zone is not always easy but sometimes we just have to take the risk and see what’s on the other side of the pond. I do have a lot of ideas too but to fulfill them it takes a lot of time which I don’t have, such a shame!

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    Me gusta

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