Falda de otoño

It's been almost two months since my last post, and my sole excuse is being overwhelmed by work. However, my life needs the balance that blogging brings to it, so I definitely have to polish my time management skills. I am the kind of person that gets involved in too many things, and this semester… Sigue leyendo Falda de otoño

Apple pie recipe with puff pastry

Pay de manzana / Apple pie

English summary: There is no better moment to explore your creativity in the kitchen that when you have no place to store your food. That is the case in my house right now, since it's apple season and we have just too many. My family has been making enough apple jam to last a year,… Sigue leyendo Pay de manzana / Apple pie

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Mi outfit para celebrar la fiesta de Independencia de México

This week is Mexico’s national party. Yes, you read right, it isn’t 5 de mayo. Today you will learn about real Mexican history and traditions from a real Mexican. First of all, on May 5th we celebrate the Battle of Puebla, when the French tried to invade our territory in 1862. General Ignacio Zaragoza fought… Sigue leyendo Mi outfit para celebrar la fiesta de Independencia de México


¿Cómo leer etiquetas? El jarabe de maíz

English summary: Today I want to discuss corn syrup, however, since the information is extense and very technical, I think it's best for my international readers to watch this small video if you want to know more about the subject. Los alimentos industrializados frecuentemente contienen el jarabe de maíz de alta fructosa para endulzar. Productos como pan,… Sigue leyendo ¿Cómo leer etiquetas? El jarabe de maíz


La belleza está en la imperfección

English summary: I have been loving sporty chic outfits because they are extremely elegant and remind me of my childhood in the nineties. Maybe you noticed on my Pinterest how much I like it. This is my first outfit, wearing some sporty ballerinas Skechers Mexico sent me. I'm linking up with Pink Sole and Pastries, Pumps… Sigue leyendo La belleza está en la imperfección


7 Razones para adoptar un perro callejero

English summary: A few months ago Sisi came from the streets to my home, it has been a wonderful experience to heal her and adopt her. Although the whole post is in Spanish, I really want you to consider adopting a pet instead of buying. I never thought I would have a dog, but I… Sigue leyendo 7 Razones para adoptar un perro callejero


Amor y paz

English summary: These past few days have been pure craziness, but today I have this wonderful sky, and to me that means peace. I hope that wherever you are, your week starts off like mine! I'm linking up with Her Heartland and Soul Han sido días de locura para mí, demasiada tensión y angustia. El… Sigue leyendo Amor y paz


Cosas que no puedes perderte en París

As I was telling you on this post, I stopped enjoying the touristic wonders of Paris when I lived there. I thought I would check out my photos and share with you what I feel are the best experiences so you won't miss them when you go. Como les contaba en este post, dejé de… Sigue leyendo Cosas que no puedes perderte en París


Blanco y negro

It's been a while since the last time I wore black & white. For the last few years I have worn colorful garments, but little by little i'm accepting the combination that walked through Paris streets with me back into my life. This week I'm joining Megan's linkup. Go check her blog! Hace mucho no… Sigue leyendo Blanco y negro


En mi clutch bag

English summary: Summer essentials are one thing. But the essentials that fit in a clutch bag are really essentials. No todo cabe en una clutch, pero lo que cabe es esencial. Les comparto lo que llevo en la mía en días de verano. Clutch de That's It (también vista aquí) Bloqueador solar Avène de muy… Sigue leyendo En mi clutch bag